• Lamb Specialties

    • Lamb Curry

      Lamb Curry


      Onion, tomato based sauce cooked with herbs and spices

    • Lamb Vindaloo

      Lamb Vindaloo


      For the one with true passion for spicy food, potatoes cooked in a fiery red chili and vinegar sauce

    • Lamb Korma

      Lamb Korma


      A classic entrée pieces of lamb and simmered with exotic spices, herbs cashews, almond and nuts in mild savory cream sauce

    • Lamb Saag

      Lamb Saag


      Boneless piece of lamb smothered in slow cooked spinach with the addition of ginger garlic and spices

    • Lamb Bhuna

      Lamb Bhuna


      Cubes of lamb simmered in tomato curry sauce with bell pepper onion, ginger and spices

    • Lamb Boti Masala

      Lamb Boti Masala


      Cubes of lamb skewers cooked in the tandoor with the mild tomato based creamy sauce and spices

    • Lamb Pepper Fry

      Lamb Pepper Fry


      Lamb cooked in a traditional south Indian style with freshly grounded black pepper and spices